CrossFit Vultus – CrossFit

Weekly Schedule

weekly Schedule (No Measure)

Monday – Gymnastic Conditioning

Tuesday – Cluster

Wednesday – Deadlift Intervals

Thursday – Muscle Snatch

Friday – Partner Workout

Saturday – Team of 3

Extra Credit

Full scratch list (No Measure)

30 Ring Rows

30 Banded pull aparts

1 minute weighted plank

30 Reverse box hypers or back extensions

30 Dumbell Floor bench Press

80 yard bottoms up waiters walk (left and right side)

45 sec weigthed side plank (right/left)

30 heavy db rows(Neutral grip)

30 single leg Deads

30 single leg Bulgarian Split squats

30 Cuban presses

30 lateral shoulder raises

30 dips

30 bicep curls

30 arnold presses

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